Artline Government

Artline Wholesalers is on the front line when it comes to servicing the many needs of governmental organizations. Since our inception, using American-made, ruggedly functional products, we have always risen to the task, outfitting major installations, internationally.

GSA # GS03F-5069C
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Our many government customers include:

    * Government Offices (including SSA, INS, Department of Homeland Security)
    * Barracks, TLF, Dormitory installations
    * Lodging facilities
    * VA Medical Centers

We understand the needs of the government and offer:

    * Choice of Glass or Plexiglass for your facilities
    * Option of Security Hardware for Artwork and/or Lamps
    * Fire Rating on Artificial Plants
    * Complete line of Unbreakable/Durable and/or Energy Star Rated Lamps
    * Professional installation available on request

Please click below to view our vast array of product selections:

    * Artwork
    * Artificial Plants
    * Lamps